exam schedules for different D-schools


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Jan 18, 2001
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    I know that BU has an exam every Monday. I think I would like that because it forces you to keep up and also you are not bombarded with 5 exams in one week like some schools have. I know that every school is different with regards to how they set up their exam schedules. Can people please post as to how other schools (NYU, Columbia, Tufts, etc.) have their exams set up? And also what type of schedule would you prefer and why?


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    Oct 7, 2001
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      ASDOH first semester: exam every Monday, with a new course starting that Monday afternoon and then being tested on the following Monday, etc., etc. Only one course being taught at a time.

      ASDOH second semester and thereafter: exam every 2-3 weeks on various days, depending on the course that is taught. Never more than 2 courses happening at the same time, though.


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      Feb 15, 2003
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        IUSD first-years have exams every second Friday morning covering most of our material. Occasionally we'll have a class module with separate hour exams, but overall the regular schedule makes for a more regular pacing.
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        Aug 20, 2003
          Don't know the details for NYU, but somehow their classes are staggered, where some classes are shorter than others, so that you end up concentrating on few classes at a time

          BU never has more than one exam a week, unlike Tufts....though it looked like they had a test every week.

          Hope that helps


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          Jul 24, 2002
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            Here at the University at Buffalo, it is semi-flexible.

            First year: The exams for the big courses taken with the meds (gross, histo, etc.) are staggered to allow time for the student to study. Then the instructors of the smaller courses (such as preclinic lab, dental anatomy, etc.) asks the students when would be a good time to give the exams so as not to conflict with the big courses.

            After second year when all one takes are dental courses, the instructors also coordinates with the students on when to give the exams.

            Pretty accomodating. :cool:
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