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Excellent new exam resource (SAQs)


Baby anaesthetist
5+ Year Member
Feb 8, 2015

An Australian Anaesthetic Trainee has created a website with some prior exam questions/answers available to the general training community. Probably more useful for non-US trainees as I think US training isn't very heavy on Essay/Short Answer Question (SAQ) assessments.

It's a good website with reasonable coverage of the Primary curriculum (physiology, pharmacology and equipment). Adequate depth to score a solid pass (3/5) for most questions without wasting time shooting for an exceptional answer (5/5). I wish this resource was available when I sat my Primary - it takes some of the guesswork out of what level of depth vs breadth is required.

Hopefully, other Australian/UK/Internationals +/- US trainees find the resource useful.

N.B. If you are planning to utilise this website as a study resource: Each SAQ question is meant to take ~9 minutes from reading the stem --> pens down.
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