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Feb 19, 2007
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Hello all,

Im a 4th year starting Ortho in July...i just wanted to know what would be expected of me during internship year while on Ortho service....

Could you please be specific..

My last Ortho rotation was about 5 months ago and i feel as though a lot of wht i know is fading...I can only imagine the difficulty of trying to read for all the other services and still be a superstar on ortho...

Although my program is linked, I would like to exceed their expectations!!

Thanks A Million!!


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Apr 21, 2003
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Knowing absolutely nothing about ortho, this is what I would reason you could expect:

1) Cover clinic

2) See consults/Admit patients

3) Answer pages re: fever, blood pressure, pain, PONV

4) Very occasionally, operate

In fact, I will bet that these four things (and these four things only) will be what is expected of you on any surgical rotation.


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Dec 9, 2004
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I'm not going into ortho, but I had to rotate through ortho as an intern. My duties were exactly the same as the categorical ortho interns. The only difference is that the staff would occasionally pimp the ortho interns on the basics, whereas I was typically left alone. We were basically responsible for covering the floor and helping in clinic. So basically I had to be able to handle classic post-op issues and to work-up a patient in clinic to present to an upper level resident. The interns never went to the OR, ortho or otherwise.


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Nov 24, 2006
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as in my case, i did -ortho- about 6mts back; in my hospital, this particular raotation is considered the busiest&strictest than any..
during my mere 2wks rotation, i did a lot of dressings in post op patients; it was nt easy dressing in those patients with tractions on.. clinic days were more academic, seniors asked me questions, explained me things, observed physical examinations.. duty days were too hectic, had to attend many many calls during day, night, mid night, dawn; basically duty days were the days that i could practice with bandagings & plasterings..
in o t days interns were the manpower to bring in or take out patients pre, post op; stand by in case of any minor needs or yess i had those couple of chances to scrub & pull the retractors for hrs [painfully sweet experience though]..
those classes twice a wk were utterly -p g- oriented; they presented cases & consultants commented on them; for interns it was a bit high fi..
anyway as i look back to those days, i honestly feel i enjoyed it..