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Failure secondary prompt


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May 18, 2016
  1. Pre-Medical
    I like 8 the most because it is a specific failure that you were able to mend. I feel like with the others there was no corrective action you could have taken but with prompt 8, you showed innovation to correct your failure. Plus, the others, and I am so sorry for your lose, are very sad. I feel like with the other failures the only thing you can do is reflect (rather than correct) on your actions.


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    Sep 4, 2006
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    1. Attending Physician
      I’m having trouble getting my failure secondary started and was wondering if anyone could provide feedback on which topic sounds best for the prompt:
      1. Failing to value my time: Both of my grandparents from my dad’s side got Alzheimer’s and underwent a pretty rapid mental decline before passing away. I would always visit them as a kid but failed to ever really spend quality time with them. Now that I’ve failed to seize that opportunity, looking back I wish I had spent the little time I had with them to actually get to know them. I learned the importance of living in the moment and making time for loved ones. Also learned of the devastating impact Alzheimer’s has on the patient and their family.
      2. Failing to come out: I was raised in a homophobic family in a small, conservative town and identify as lesbian. I’ve known I was gay since elementary school but always put off coming out in fear of my parent’s reaction. By the time I hit college I had failed to come out still and was pretty much dragged out of the closet by my dad in the middle of a disagreement. He strongly disapproved and said pretty hurtful things that really ruined our relationship. On the other hand my mom was surprisingly extremely supportive and it strengthened our bond. I learned to be confident in my own skin and developed a pretty strong support system throughout the process.
      3. Specific failure: One of my jobs in college involved planning tech related events for other students. For my team’s first event of the year, we didn’t invest enough time in spreading the word so no one came to our event (failure), however we learned our lesson and eventually planned an event with almost a 2,000 person turnout by the end of the year. I could talk about learning from mistakes to get better and the importance of planning.
      4. Failure to seek care: In high school I tore my ACL my freshman year but the pain was so minimal compared to the typical ACL horror stories that I failed to seek medical care and only went to PT. After a month of rehab I returned to play but my knee immediately gave out and I finally sought medical advice to find out I had a torn ACL.
      5. Failing to assert myself: Growing up I was extremely shy as a kid to the point my elementary school sent me to a speech therapist. I ended up joining a jazz band as lead alto which really brought me out of my shell and embrace the limelight.
      Go with #3. (I don't see a #8.)
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