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Jan 10, 2018
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Hi. I'm pre-writing secondaries rn and I've gotten stuck on the "describe a failure and how you grew from it? prompt. I'm thinking of going with a personal failure. I have a few options but I don't know which one shows failure without making me look completely incompetent. One prompt is about an issue I had in a friendship that we ended up resolving and the other was a mistake in a medical setting.

1. Being late frequently to meet my friend which led to a rift in our friendship. We ended up fixing it after she told me how it made her feel.
2. When I was still a new medical assistant, a family of 5 came in to get 4 kids checked. I thought I did everything right but when the provider entered the room, she found out I forgot to take weight and height on one of the children. I got lectured by the provider pretty loudly about how that could've led to incorrect medication prescriptions and never did it again.

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Can you point out in each situation what the "failure" is? I mean, you repaired your friendship. You didn't lose your job when you failed to take vitals. I don't think either situation is high-stakes enough to warrant the description of "failure." But that's my opinion.

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