1. MightyShell

    Help, lost MS1 failing course...

    Hello, Finished up MS1 and I am currently failing my micro/path/physio course, and I am unsure how I should approach the Block Cumulative retest next Thursday as I need a 70% to pass. I just feel like a failure/ashamed. Usually what I would do is attend lectures, stay on campus and rewrite some...
  2. L

    NYU vs. Temple vs Touro

    Help me choose between NYU, Temple or Touro please. Factors are cost, area, clinical experience, overall opinions from students in terms of happiness and how they feel at the school, and anything else that is important to know.
  3. D

    Which classes should I retake as someone who is building a strong upward trend right now?

    I'm a junior right now and I wasn't premed until the past year so my gpa is not as competitive as the rest of y'all. So I'm grinding hard to make sure my last two years are a 4.0 or as close to that as possible. With that said, I've had to retake some classes, and currently, I have human phys...
  4. C

    Game plan for today and the future!

    They say tough times make tough people…. Guess I’m one tough mfer! Jkjk I struggled in undergrad a lot and failed to use my resources properly. I graduated with a 2.7 gpa…really bad I know. I said F it and I wanted to see how I could do on the DAT…and ended up with a 15AA…not surprised. I...
  5. P

    Need advice: Remote Job + Part-Time Clinical RA OR Full-Time Clinical RA?

    Hey everyone, I'm stuck between two options right now and would greatly appreciate your insights and advice on a decision I need to make. - Option 1: I have the opportunity for a remote job (related to COVID) and a part-time role as a clinical research assistant from the university I graduated...
  6. P

    UOP vs UW

    Hey guys I'm currently choosing between UOP and UW...I am interested in Pediatric Dentistry, but not sure whether UOP has less opportunities to specialize like some people say. Could anyone please share their ideas about this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  7. V


    Hi everyone! I honestly hate that I have to make this post, it definitely feels intimidating but I was looking for some advice. So a little background: I transferred to a different college my sophomore year (I am currently a junior) and as a transfer, I was planning on taking organic chemistry...
  8. B

    WAMC Debating Taking a Gap Year or Not

    Hi, Explanation after WAMC Template: Overall GPA: 3.55 Science GPA: 3.52 Bio-Chem-Physics GPA: 3.71 (triple-checked, somehow this is right) DAT score (include AA and all sections): Haven't taken State of Residence: IL Undergrad Attended: UIUC Major: BIOE Minority? Yes Reapplicant? No Nontrad...
  9. C

    I did nothing - can it be made up for?

    Title. For over a year after my graduation in 2020 (philosophy BA), I did essentially nothing. I can cite environmental factors, like COVID-19 and depression, or not having a car (or meaningful public transportation where I live), or the fact that I hadn't yet decided to switch tracks, but that...
  10. J

    What happens if you don’t reach 25% of your internship hours as direct client contact?

    Hey all. Coming from an anxious intern, i have a site where I am not particularly close to 25% hours from a site being direct client contact hours, as opposed to support or supervision hours. The state in which I am planning to be licensed, Washington, has the following criteria under thier...
  11. T

    Unfunded PhD, Next steps to recover from debt?

    Hi Everyone, After three cycles of applying to Clinical Psychology programs, I finally got accepted to one and recently started this year. While I am enjoying my program, the only caveat is that it's unfunded. I know there's a huge discourse surrounding not attending unfunded clinical programs...
  12. MintyMoose

    Uploading fall 2023 transcripts

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew which schools required their fall 2023 transcripts? The only one i’m aware of is Iowa and colorado (if admitted/waitlisted). I would just like to know so I know how many transcripts to order later this month. Thanks!
  13. Lemon Mango

    Senior year taking too much on?

    Hello Everyone, I am a non-trad student starting my last year of college next semester planning on applying to medical school after graduating. I am trying to demonstrate a strong and rigorous upward trend and have been taking "difficult" undergraduate classes for the past year. I am slated to...
  14. F

    Need reapplicant/Gap year advice for mid to high stats ORM (soft WAMC too).

    I’m a 4th year undergrad graduating this May with double STEM majors (Biochem, Neuro) hailing from a large state school in the Southeastern US. My GPA is a 3.9 (probably will either stay or go up slightly at the end of this year) and my MCAT is a 518. I’m ORM, but from a rural area. I’m new...
  15. S

    SMP or something else after grad?- Anxious International Pre-med Senior

    Hi there! I'm a current senior very interested in med school, but definitely need to prepare before I even apply. For context: I am a male, Asian international Bio major at a T20 with a current cGPA 3.63 and sGPA: 3.4 and will likely remain so (kind of a weird trend neither up or down, kind of...
  16. MintyMoose

    Should I even bother with spring semester if admitted?

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding undergrad. So I'm kind of in a weird position where last year (which was my senior year) I applied and ended up getting waitlisted and never admitted. I decided to postpone my graduation date because I wanted to take more classes to boost my GPA but I...
  17. C

    Advice for a DPT applicant (summer '24 application cycle)

    Hey all! I'm currently in the middle of my last year at college (at the University of Colorado Boulder) and I'm unsure of what to take in the spring. I am a slightly nontraditional applicant in the sense that I will graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Geography, I...
  18. BigSuu

    Should I Consider an SMP/Post-Bacc? cGPA: 3.400, sGPA: 3.058

    School: UC Davis (Quarter System) Major: Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior UC Davis Cumulative GPA: 3.409 (Upwards Trend) AMCAS Cumulative GPA: 3.178 (Upwards Trend) AMCAS sGPA: 3.058 AACOMAS sGPA: 3.068 MCAT: 512 (The difference in the two cumulative GPAs is because UC Davis does not...
  19. S

    Resources for finding research participants

    I am a clinical psychology PhD student currently working on my dissertation on attitudes towards evidence based practices. I'm looking to recruit psychologists to participate in my study. The tasks consist of watching a ~7min video and 3 - 8 min of surveys. Participants can enter into a raffle...
  20. 7

    Undergrad Advice ?

  21. D

    Is my gpa and mcat good enough?

    So I'm applying to osteopathic (DO) medical schools in this cycle and I'm still waiting to hear back. However, I was slightly concerned about my GPA and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice about how good/bad this gpa is? So my overall gpa is 3.80, but my science gpa is 3.67 and...
  22. N

    Apply upcoming cycle or take another gap year? How do you know when you’re ready to apply?

    Basically the question above. Should I apply for 2025 cycle or take another year off to apply for 2026 cycle? I graduated spring 2023. For stats rn I have a 3.9 cgpa, ~150 nonclinical, 35 hrs shadowing, got a scribe job this august, (+ recently started hospice volunteering), and 200+ research...
  23. C

    Feedback/advice on my stats thus far

    Hi there! I am a PA resident and incoming sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. I was just wondering if I could get any feedback/advice on what I have completed so far in my journey towards veterinary school. I have always had very big dreams of becoming a...
  24. T

    Advice for how to spend the next year leading up to 2024/25 cycle

    I graduated 2021 with a psyc major and bad grades. my cGPA was 2.395 year 1, 2.418 year 2, 2.591 year 3, and then 2.844 at graduation. There's slight upward trend but the higher semester GPAs I got in my last 2 years weren't enough to un-anker myself from my extremely poor performance early on...
  25. I

    I need advice about my gap year

    I need some advice about how to spend my gap year. I am currently finishing up my medical school secondaries, so I plan to (hopefully) matriculate into medical school in 2024. My original plans have been to spend this year teaching English at an elementary school in Spain. I am set to move out...
  26. O

    What should I do when I don't match? I am applying ENT

    I just wanted to sort of map out next steps in my life and I am weighing options and such. What should I should do when I don't match? Try to find a job and reapply? Give up? What happens if I find a way to survive the year and don't give up? medical school didn't go my way but I really like...
  27. D

    Help planning next steps for getting clinical experience

    I applied this last cycle and didn't get in, with just 1 interview and waitlist. My stats are good (517 MCAT, 3.85 GPA). The feedback I got was that I need more clinical experience, as all I had was working as a caregiver for 1 academic year. I'm non-trad and have a full-time job that's not...
  28. patelr.93

    PM&R with a below average Step 2

    Hey everyone, Step 2 scores came out earlier this week. Turns out I didn't do as well as I wanted. Thought I would come on here and see if anyone had a similar experience and was successful in matching PM&R. I am a DO student. My current plan is to apply broadly to PM&R and also be dual...
  29. Mr.Smile12

    Shadowing checklist video: like and share

    I did post in the premed forum, but the suggestion is meant to be interprofessional too. Please view, like, and share. What you should learn from your shadowing experience.
  30. Mr.Smile12

    Like and share: Shadowing

    Please view, like, and share. What you should learn from your shadowing experiences (interprofessional perspective)
  31. tropicalcatfish

    Will 2nd Quartile hurt my chances?

    Hi all, this is my second ever time doing the Casper test and unfortunately, this time I scored 2nd quartile. I found the prompts difficult and hard to follow so I'm not surprised I scored the way I did. Right now I'm worrying about how it will look on my application. My GPA isn't the greatest...
  32. C

    Disciplinary sanction due to noise complaint

    Hi everyone. So freshman year of my undergrad, the residential advisor wrote us up because of a noise complaint. This was the second time this was happening to me and I had to attend a meeting with one of the housing disciplinary staff. It was very minor and she sent me an email after saying I...
  33. Mr.Smile12

    2023-2024 In-person interview prep advice (flying)

    Since it seems so many more dental schools are going to in-person compared to medical schools, I am reviving travel tips I would give to candidates going to interviews by plane: My tips if traveling by plane to interviews: Many of you may not have taken advantage of the following tips, but...
  34. T

    Having doubt about gpa and confused about Smp/MS options? Non trad (ish).

    Hi there, new to the field and want some advice on how to move forward based on where I am currently. I know it’s not a complete WAMC but I am deciding if I need a masters, etc, so any insight would be incredibly helpful!! Date of submission: 2025 Overall GPA: 3.438 Science GPA: 3.192...
  35. B

    To gap or not to gap - advice appreciated!

    (Please don't quote) Hello all, I'll (try) to keep it short. Here's the numbers: ORM white guy at top 50 school. 3.896 cgpa / 3.87 sgpa, no MCAT Activities [CURRENT]: 309 hours of clinical volunteering in hospital 1 104 hours of clinical volunteering at hospital 2 72 hours as an EMT...
  36. MintyMoose

    Reusing essays - good idea during reapplying?

    Hi all, I applied this cycle to a few schools but unfortunately did not get in. Therefore, I will be reapplying this cycle to mostly the same schools. I have contacted the schools and the vast majority of them have remarked that my GPA is my reason for not getting an admittance offer. Since I...
  37. N

    School list thoughts/help!? 3.6 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA, 512 MCAT, SES disadvantaged (FAP)

    Here are my stats: ORM, SES disadvantaged, Illinois resident 3.6 cGPA, 3.5 sGPA 506 -> 512 MCAT 600 clinical hours 60 hours shadowing 500 hours in an elected (unpaid) leadership position 70 hours hospital volunteering 300+ hours designing apparel 1000+ working part time during school + breaks...
  38. B

    Volunteering projected hours advise

    Hey everyone, I am pretty much finished with writing all my primary essays and activities with all my transcripts sent so I can get verified early. The only problem I have is what to do with my projected volunteer hours. I have finished all my training and certifications to be a firefighter and...
  39. F


    Hi! I recently got accepted off a waitlist at an MD school. I have an identical twin sister who is still on the waitlist who has the same research experience, volunteer experience and hours, clinical experience, MCAT score and a very similar GPA. Basically, I feel that I’m not more deserving of...
  40. P

    Medical School Decision Help/Advice Requested

    Hi everyone, I wanted to get advice on a rather particular situation I am in regarding choosing my schools for this cycle. This is my second year applying and I applied to both MD and D.O schools. Although I have not been met with any success for M.D schools, I am grateful to have 2 D.O...