family practice/emergency medicine

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Jan 4, 2004
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does anyone know why this hasnt become a new combined residency? i mean they do it for IM/EM which doesnt make as much sense to me as FP/EM. I mean you are trained in everything as an FP where as IM your limited. does anyone think the two boards will ever come up with this combined program?

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I think there are three osteopathic programs that are combined FP/EM. One's at St. Barnabas in NYC; I forget the locations of the others.
according to ACEPnews (vol 22,11, dec03), it's in talks and if such an allopathic combined residency is developed, the initial manifestation will be geared toward rural EM/FP. acep has created a taskforce to research the possibility. it will report it's findings to ABEM and ABEM will talk to FP. that's the plan, but it sounds like a long process
There is also a 5 yr combined d.o. fp/em residency at ponticac osteopathic hospital in michigan in addition to the one in nyc. I think there might be one at grandview hospital in ohio also.