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Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by Flyerlax42, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Jul 11, 2006
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    i am currently wondering the best way to go about military medicine. I am finding it very hard on this forum and the internet to find good info on FAP . Money is not issue. However, I am not too keen on making uneducated decisions at 21 that effect you till you are 34. I really could use some good info from someone in it or knowledgeable about it. Thanks in advance

    Is FAP the a better way to ensure the residency of your choice considering they "hire you" knowing you are going to be an opthamolgist, radiologist, etc...? is there some lurking negative to this path only an insider knows?

    What is it like during residency? is it hands off like HPSP (except for the summers) or are u ready reserve 1 weekend a month two weeks a year?

    If after 4 years of med school I still want to do a GMO tour but am not on HPSP can I join and receive any financial compensation? or do you just plain join with no $$ attached? Can I take on FAP after my GMO tour with no further obligation? In other words how does it work if I finish med school and still want to be a GMO (NAVY in particular but all services)?

    my main concern is that I would like to have my freedom in career choice as long as possible. For example, if I wanted to be a surgeon a gmo tour as a fs or dmo is aggrevating it delays residency for 2.5 years and makes your commitment that much longer? I know i may change my speciality but I want that freedom not the navy. Is FAP a good way to avoid this?

    does doing FAP negatively impact a possible naval career..ie you are behind your peers in anyway?

    Do they take all specialities for FAP? are they desperate? is it very selective? I have tried relentlessly to find some sort of list but to no avail.

    thank you for your time
    thank you for serving our country

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