Jun 18, 2014
I just got accepted to school a couple weeks ago the day after classes started. I am now trying to apply for financial aid and am wondering the best way to go about it and if it will still work or if its going to be tough to do so late.


Does this still apply to professional school? I thought grants are meant only for your first degree, no?
I just recently finished my Master's degree and had to fill out FAFSA for federal loans even for graduate school. If you need to supplement your federal loans with private like I had to, then the individual loan companies will have their own application.



Fill this out, have your parents fill their part out (if you are 24 or younger). Talk to your FA office at school.
Forgot to comment on this.

When I filled out FAFSA for graduate school, I was required to apply as a independent even though I was only 22. I can't remember if having an undergraduate degree made you independent or if applying for graduate school made you independent, but I was not required to enter any of my parents' information. I can't tell what kind of school OP is referring to (undergrad? grad? other?), so they may not need their parents info.

Like you said though, best to talk to FA at your school and find out exactly what you need. I would do this ASAP.