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Featured Tutor: Rob Fisher, MD


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Mar 5, 2017

Dr. Robert Fisher, a resident in Urology, has been working with students to help them be successful on standardized exams for several years. Shortly after taking Step 1, he began working with USMLE-Rx, editing and writing new Qbank questions, which gave him the unique perspective of understanding how a question-writer approaches designing a USMLE-style vignette. After doing that for several months, he transitioned to one-on-one tutoring for Step 1 and Step 2, helping many students be successful in achieving their goals. His approach to tutoring is to teach his students “how to think” about clinical vignettes, rather than just memorizing the facts. He wants his students to learn how to understand the psychology of the test author, and he focuses on helping each student build a toolbox of skills that can help them figure out the answer to a question even when they don’t know the necessary basic science or clinical fact that the question is testing. Many of Dr. Fisher’s students say that after working with him for several sessions, they begin to hear his voice in their mind when they are doing questions, reminding them of the skills that he taught them. His personal stats are 260 on Step 1, 261 on Step 2, AOA, and Honors in all third-year clinical clerkships.

To read more about Robert Fisher, the MedBoardTutors philosophy, and other tutors available, please visit www.medboardtutors.com to get started. We also offer a free consultation to discuss your goals and preparedness for both board exams and for medical school coursework. We're looking forward to getting started!
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