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Sep 4, 2006
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Large list of things!

MCAT: 14P, 12V, 14B -- Writing: R
cGPA: 3.75
sGPA: 3.85
B.A. Biochemistry (magna cum laude)
B.S. Physiology (summa cum laude)
Dean's List - Obtained this every semester of my college career except for my freshman year (My ex at the time attempted my grades plummeted freshman year to a ~3.5 and I was taking only 12 credits each semester)

---School Related Activities---
- Undergraduate Biology Teaching Assistant (Sophomore Year - I directed an undergraduate biology class lab section)
- Paintball Team Assistant Manager (Freshman to Sophomore Year - Only reason why this ended is because we lost financial support from the school)

---Non-school Related Activities---
- Lead/Rhythm Guitarist of Local Band (Since Junior Year highschool to Now - We have a couple recordings of our covers, but didn't play professionally/ this was mainly a hobby)
- PADI Certified Open Water Diver (Since Junior Year highschool to Now)
- Private Pilot (Senior Year - I love flying planes, what else can I say?)

- I've worked at several clinics as a receptionist and an IT assistant. The main issue is that a majority of these places were owned by my parents (also physicians) and I don't want them to think these employment positions were sinecure. I actually was responsible for quite a few things, but the person I would work for was employed by my parents.
- Private tutor: What started as a small study group ended with me being a private tutor for hire in organic chemistry.

---Clinical Experiences---
- Physician shadowing: I've been able to rack up quite a lot of hours physician shadowing in several fields (neurology, pulmonogy, radiology, oncology, etc).
- Most of my employment positions were primarily related health care.

---Research Experience---
- I have ~8 months of research experience with a medical school research facility.

---Volunteer Experience---
- I have little volunteering experience except for a four month period where I volunteered at a local hospital.

Questions, comments, jokes?
Perhaps you hadn't noticed that SDN has a dedicated Med Business Forum at:

Other than sparse humanistic service to others, your application looks good to me, but we don't get many with your career focus in this part of SDN, so I can't say if that will have an adverse effect on your candidacy.