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Nov 18, 2003
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Quick Bio: 30, female, single, Active Duty AirForce Medic 6 years 1991-1997, ADN-RN 1997, BSN-RN 2000, critical care RN since 1997. If calculations correct: 3.0 nonscience gpa, 3.2 science gpa, 3.0 accum gpa. taking Kaplan MCAT classroom courses for April MCAT. Shadowed DO in NJ. He offered to write LOR. Visited TCOM in December and shadowed an awesome student. Looking at only DO schools. Although, TCOM is an outstanding school probably wont be applying there considering I'm out of state and my stats aren't great. I love the DO philosophy and I definitely see myself as a DO. Need your opinions.

1. If MCAT is less than 25, do I have a shot: low gpa, low mcat.
2. Anything in my favor with my bio
3. I would need approx 5 (4 credit hr courses) with As to get GPA 3.5. Do I need to go back to school.
4. Any DO schools favor the more nontraditional with low stats.

Need to feel the love.
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