Help Me Decide Please

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To my understanding, the growing pains of attending a newer school are not worth it if you can go to a more established program. Unless you are financially dependent on paying in-state tuition and were needing to commute from home to save rent money, I would recommend ATSU if you do get the A there.

Believe this choice has been considered by others on the forum. I encourage you to read through some of the discussions in those threads.

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It's currently not a choice as you don't have an acceptance to ATSU, only an interview. I would encourage you to go on the interview to see what other options exist and how they can help you best further your career. If you don't get another acceptance, then you'll have your answer anyway.
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ATSU-SOMA has been losing sites for years 2-4 recently. they closed the one i was real happy to go to when i got accepted and that closure led me to declining the acceptance. normally, i'd say go to the more established but SOMA's issues seem to be significant. maybe you can bring it up at the interview with them.
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What would you do?

I have been extremely lucky getting accepted into CHSU-COM. I also have an interview invite for ATSU-SOMA.

CHSU Pro's:
  • Close to home, I can see my family
  • I LOVE california, I don't want to move
  • CA rotations

CHSU Con's:
  • Not fully accredited
  • is not P/F

ATSU Pro's:
  • Fully accredited
  • is P/F

ATSU Con's:
  • Out of state tuition
  • Be far from family
I feel I should give my interview spot to someone who really wants to go to ATSU, but I also don't have enough knowledge to know if I'm making the right decision in terms of quality of education.
I can't recommend SOMA. Here's why:
Has recently lost a number of core hospital rotations, leaving students to fend for themselves.

And on top of this, undertook a curriculum change that was not thought out very well. Read this: The new frontier: fighting for clinical training sites
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