Medical Feeling inadequate in SMP - What should I do?

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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi everyone,
Here is a bit of background. My undergrad GPA is not good, but I have enrolled in a SMP (affiliated with a US allopathic med school) to remedy that.
cGPA: 3.01
sGPA: 2.93

Graduate (mix of physiology courses/MPH)
sGPA: 3.85
non-science (MPH): 3.85

Physiology: B- (1 point away from a B)
Biochemistry: B-
Eye physiology: A+

We've had one exam in each course. Obviously there is room for improvement. I am considering this my "trial" for learning how grad school exams are structured.

I feel quite inadequate in terms of the actual amount of points I get on the exam, not the percentage (we all know grad schools inflate grades). I guess what I am trying to ask is as long as I get the grades necessary for getting a great GPA in my SMP, does it really matter if the grades are not on the ">93 is an A" scale like they would otherwise be in undergrad?

Thanks in advance. I'm aware I am probably being neurotic. I appreciate any thoughts.
1) Stop thinking like a pre-med
2) At my SMP, there is no grade inflation. I have yet to hear of it at other SMps. You take med school classes with the identical material.
3) You should be shooting for a 3.7+ GPA
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