Fellowship Opportunity (60K per year)

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Sep 19, 2008
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Ok, I am going to take a chance and Double post this. I apologize in advance if this is a stead fast rule, but due to the upcoming deadline, and didn't want anyone to miss this.

I meant to post this sooner, but forgot.

This fellowship is absolutely AMAZING.

A) The Goodies: You get $60K PER YEAR for FOUR years while in Vet School
B) You have to do: Pretty much, agree to work in Vet Research for 4 years AFTER you graduate (Anywhere)
C) To Qualify: You need to be a PhD (relevant field) entering a DVM program or a DVM going into a PhD program (think at a vet school)
D) There are some more stipulations, and they are a bit ambigous. Call "Tobie" on the FAQ if you need clarification.

OH, And Tobie is a Women... (Didn't know it was a unisex name, bit of an embarrassment when I asked for Mr.) :shrug:

It is offered through the SCHOOL. You cannot apply for it personally (I already wrote my proposal lol).

If you fit this bill, and interested, might want to check with the school.

The School needs to foot part of the bill (20K in reduced Tuition), and you get 20K from both Pfizer and Morris.

The Deadline (for the school, and perhaps for the individual is April 1)

Here is the Call for Submission Link:


Here is a FAQ for the link:


I hope the double post is simply deleted and I didn't really annoy anyone - but I know the Pre-vet forum can move fast, and I wanted others to see it.


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Nov 9, 2008
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WOW! Awesome!!

Thanks so much for the link...I didn't see this post on the pre-vet forum so I'm glad I was looking around over here today.

$60k while in vet school. That would be FANTASTIC.