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Sep 28, 2012
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I was wondering if anyone could give me a website that explains fellowships and applying to fellowships

-I know that residencies offer stipends but do fellowships offer any stipends?

-Do I have to be licensed as a pharmacist in my state or a state that the fellowship/residency is located in to apply and be accepted?

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Don't know a website for fellowships, but google the Rutgers Fellowship. That's one of the most prestigious fellowships out there. As for a stipend, yes, fellows get paid. Most fellows I know don't get licensed for a while; I know of some that even wait over a year after starting their fellowship. It probably depends on the program though on whether you need to get licensed and where.

As far as residencies, unless you're at a VA, yes, you have to be locally licensed soon after starting the residency.
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Would a preceptor be upset if I asked them if they could write me a LOR to both a residency and fellowship application?

I want to maximize the opportunity I might have next year to continue my education. However, I feel it may come off as I am not fully committed to one type of program if I ask for a letter to both.
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Are VA residencies very competitive. I know they accept about 6 PGY1 per VA and I know at my school only 20 students got a residency. Do a large number of applicants get turned down at the VA or do a lot students that apply to residencies normally get their top choices.

I really wanted to do a residency at the VA but it seems like a very competitive applicant pool...is this true?
You might want to check out the ACCP website. They have a database of all accredited and non-accredited residencies and fellowships and you can look location- or "specialty"-specific. It also depends on what types of fellowships you want to pursue, but if you google anything like pharmacy fellowships or something more tailored to what you're interested in, you should still get a good number of results. All the fellowships I've looked at do offer stipends, and in terms of licensing, again it really depends on what type of fellowship it is. If it's a fellowship that's typically done as a PGY2 after a PGY1 residency, you probably need a license in that state (if you already didn't need one for PGY1). For industry fellowships for example a lot of them don't require you to be licensed in the state, but this is mainly because you're not going to be in direct contact/interaction with patients. It all comes down to whether you'll be involved in clinical activities that involve direct patient care or not.
Fellowships can be more varied than residencies and sometimes more competitive. Depends on your interest. I can point to some health economics outcomes research fellowships (PharmD eligible) because they are relevant to my interests.