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What is the most important factors in obtaining a Sports Medicine fellowship following a FM residency?

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Aug 14, 2006
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Zaremski, Jason L., et al. "Identifiable Factors Associated With Acceptance Into Sports Medicine Fellowship Programs. A Brief Report." Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine (2019).

Objective: To identify factors associated with entry into primary care sports medicine (PCSM) fellowship programs.

Design: Primary care sports medicine fellowship directors (FDs) and fellowship faculty were surveyed regarding preferences for accepting applicants into their programs.

Setting: Survey study.

Participants: Primary care sports medicine FDs and fellowship faculty.

Assessment of Risk Factors: Questions were designed to delineate factors [clinical experience, letters of recommendation (LOR), scholarship, service commitment, interview performance, etc] perceived to be associated with entry into PCSM fellowship (1-10 scale; 10 = highest value). Weighted mean ± SD were calculated for each question.

Main Outcome Measures: Determination of most valued factors for entry into PCSM fellowship.

Results: Responses were provided by 242/2332 (10.4%) of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine members, including 77 of 175 (44%) FDs. The top 3 factors for entry into PCSM fellowships for all respondents were as follows: interview performance (9.17 ± 1.13), LOR from SM fellowship faculty (8.20 ± 1.67), and high school game/event coverage (7.83 ± 1.70). Musculoskeletal ultrasound experience (4.50 ± 2.23) and residency training in pediatrics (4.58 ± 2.54), internal medicine (4.48 ± 2.44), emergency medicine (4.44 ± 2.59), and physical medicine and rehabilitation (4.40 ± 2.83) received the lowest scores.

Conclusions: Applicants seeking entry into SM fellowships should prioritize performance during interviews, LOR from SM fellowship faculty, and team game/event coverage experiences.
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AB Shrestha

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Nov 21, 2014
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that was a nice conclusion. What electives are helpful for the match?
My program doesnt allow away rotation, and we do not have primary care sports medicine. They are suggesting for the ortho rotation. Will that work?
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