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    Hi everyone!

    I am starting my residency in ob/gyn soon and I have heard that in addition to fellowships in MFM, Gyn Onc, and REI, there are one year trainings in breast disease and laparoscopic surgery. I am not sure yet if I want to do a fellowship, but I am interested in learning about doing a year of breast disease or learning to improve my skills in laparoscopy. Have any of you heard anything about it? Also, if I was interested in doing a fellowship, but not really sure as it which one, would it be in my best interest to do different research topics in both areas versus choosing just one? I am interested in onc and rei, but i know both are very hard to get into. Would it be safe to say that I should connect with the gyn onc dept and rei dept early in my intern year and begin to involve myself in those areas?

    And I have another question that is not fellowship related: What if you don't want to go into fellowship and want to practice general ob? I have heard that I can use a recruiting company to find jobs once I graduate residency, but then do creogs and all the other components that are important for applying to fellowship become as big a factor in applying for jobs?

    Thank you!
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    Yes, you can do a year-long fellowship in MIS (minimally invasive surgery = laparoscopy).

    SOME breast surgery places will accept people from either general surgery OR Ob/gyn. Most breast surgery fellowships, though, will not accept people from Ob/gyn - only people who have done general surgery residencies.

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