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May 19, 2008
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Quick question...around 2 years ago a friend and I got caught stealing and i was charged and arrested because i did what the police called "selection" because i handed him 1 of the items.I know it was stupid and immature especially for me who never has done anything prior to that and now trying to get as far as dental school.I was never convicted with the felony but i did have to do some classes that the judge required.I can get the grades required to be competitive for dental school but would this incident stop me from getting there? be straight forward with me,fellas...

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If you're not convicted then you're clear. right? because I think if you read the app carefully it asks you if you were convicted of any felonies and please explain the nature of them if you were blah blah
I'm not sure who really knows this answer but if it isn't on your record, it may not be such a big deal. Schools do conduct a background check however. Being upfront in your application is the most you can do and hope for the best. This isn't a felony if you weren't convicted, so I don't know what is on your record. Maybe it is something you can get expunged? I don't think you are dead in the water but of course it may raise some question unless it was quite a few years ago or you were a minor. Stinks that a moment of sheer stupidity has potential to ruin your goals but you aren't the only one this has happened to. Be honest and if your stats are good, you may have a shot still. If you aren't honest and they find out, then that dead in the water comment will likely be the outcome.
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Even though you were never formally convicted, the incident may still be on your record. Your best bet would be to talk to a lawyer regarding matters like that. It won't necessarily prohibit you from getting accepted, but you do face a major uphill battle (assuming it's still on your record).
Do a criminal background check on yourself. You need to know what the record actually says. Are you sure it was a felony and not a misdemeanor? That thing must have been very expensive.

Only certain types of crimes would prohibit matriculation into schools. Usually, they're 'aggravated crimes' like rape, arson, and murder. Theft almost always isn't one of them, but if it were a felony, it may come into play. You must research the policies of each schools and do a criminal background check on yourself. Make sure you fully understand your case before you go off blabbing to the schools about things you didn't actually do but thought you did.
The background check is your best bet. This really doesn't sound like a felony though...sounds like a misdemeanor, unless that thing you handed your friend was a gun or a book of stamps in a post office.

But, the only way this would show up as something I'd worry about is if you plead "no contest." If you plead no contest, you don't need to be "convicted" of the crime and it will still definitely show up on your record. On the other hand if you were not convicted because the charges were dropped, that will probably be fine. People can be accused of all sorts of things, for example, dentists are accused of all sorts of things, sometimes they are true accusations, and other times they aren't and charges can get dropped because there isn't any or enough evidence that the dentist did what was claimed.
How old were you when this happened? If you were a minor, you can ask the court to exponge the record so that no one will see it. I think you should seek legal advice to get it removed from your record.
I was 18.I did talk to a lawyer, he said that i would have to wait for 5 years so he can be able to remove them from my records but it will always show that i've been arrested.The problem with that is I should be ready for dental school around in the next 2-3.As of now, it shows that i was charged with the felony but never convicted(nolle prosequi)