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Coursework & Fieldwork Fieldwork for summer and fall 2020


New Member
2+ Year Member
Feb 16, 2018
  1. Pre-Occupational Therapy
I just finished my last semester of SUNY Downstate's MOT program. Our level II fieldwork has been delayed indefinitely and its difficult to get any information as nobody knows when things will start to pick up again, especially in NY. I'd love to see what students from other institutions in the NYC area are doing or have heard.


Full Member
5+ Year Member
Jan 31, 2015
San Francisco Bay Area
  1. Occupational Therapist
I am a practitioner in California and only have trivial information. I have a friend in PT school whose school provided an option to the student whether to proceed with fieldwork/ clinical or volunteer delaying. NYC area has the largest barrier in terms of overcoming the pandemic and I anticipate it will take a while until facilities are comfortable taking on students. I would be interested to know if the institution is considering sending students to places where facilities are starting to open and maybe more comfortable supporting level II fieldwork.
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