Coursework & Fieldwork Jobs before OT school/ becoming an OT aide

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Oct 18, 2023
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I'm planning to apply to OT school next year and in the meantime I'm looking to get a job that would look good on my applications. I think OT aide may be the best but can't find anywhere online that is hiring. Does anyone have any advice? If I can't get an OT aide job, do you think PT aide job looks just as good? there are many of those available. I'm also considering becoming an IA so I can be a part of the school district. Any tips would be appreciated!

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I got a job as an ABA technician before OT school… any job in health care really to show that you gained experience with patient-provider interactions looks amazing on resumes!
Working as a tech is really helpful! A lot of the time it is advertised as a PT aide/tech but that doesn't mean the clinic doesn't have OTs working there, so just research and you can see what services they offer, or just call and ask if they have OTs there. Especially if they treat hands/are an ortho clinic chances are there is a certified hand therapist and most likely they are an OT. Clinics are also very aware of students/those who are going to apply so are usually pretty willing to offer advice and insight however they can. But, even if it is just a PT clinic it's still valuable and direct hands on experience with rapport building with patients and observing what working therapists do. A good amount of PT clinics operate by having the techs perform a lot of the service during the session such as aiding with going on equipment, doing therapeutic exercise and applying physical agent modalities. Depends on the place, but still valuable regardless and will definitely be a talking point for when you interview.
Hi! Getting a job as an OT aide is a great idea! However if you can’t find one I don’t think it will hurt you. I worked as a PT aide ajd got interviews with every school I applied to and got into Texas Tech. As long as you learn from it and show that you have grown as a result, you are fine! Good luck!