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Jun 30, 2009
i was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so how they resolved it...

i've done significant content review and many many practice problems in phsyics & chem... i feel pretty confident with the material and do pretty well with the problems...

but when it comes to the AAMC's, a lot of times i can't figure out what concept is being tested - the second i do figure it all of a sudden 2-3 problems per passage click (which is quite significant and that equal's lots of missed problems over not being able to figure out the concept....)

like the way the concepts are proposed, sometimes i'm thinking way ahead of myself and missing the really simple and obvious details...

is there a specific company that is really good at making aamc concept intregrated like passages? because all of the practice passages that i have (which is a lot..) do a great job testing the concept, but you already know what concept is being tested so that doesn't solve my problem.. if i know what the concept is then i do well.