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Aug 26, 2002
    Pardon my ignorance, I am a bit nervous at the last minute.

    When you submit the ROL, do you just go to the NRMP site rank the programs from the pull down menu, rank them and certify by clicking on the brown button . Then there was an email that the list is cerfied. Is that all ? Just in case I missed out on anything ??

    My only worry is it doesn't say for eg for IM, prelim or Categorical ?


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    Aug 15, 2003
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      I know - I thought there should at least be some kind of mechanism to make sure you were satisfied, like making you click an "are you sure?" option. Or having the rank list sent to you by email.

      I would settle for clicking the button and having it open up a new window with a picture of a dancing doctor and the words, "You are now certified for the 2004 match! To view your certified list, click on the 'last will and testament' icon at the bottom of the screen. Yes! Your list is now certified! Stop Worrying! Your life is now in the hands of a cranky old computer."
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      Apr 29, 2000
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        I am so glad that I am not the only one who is worried about this. I keep checking, and it says in green "certified ROL" but I keep thinking that I might not have done everything required and I won't get matched. Thanks for calling the NRMP, sunny9505! I feel better now, although I will probably kind of worry until the 15th.



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        Feb 6, 2004
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          I've been worried about this too. I certified my list on Sunday but have periodically checked since then to be sure the green "certified ROL" is on it--as if it's going to suddenly change, or there was some fine print that I wasn't seeing. Geez... I feel like I have OCD. I'm glad you called NRMP to clear this up. :)


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          Dec 5, 2003
            Though it's now all said and done, I still want to tell everyone to relax. I actually had a discussion regarding "certifying" the list with the administrator at our career counseling office. She told me that although the whole system sounded really stringent, in reality, it is quite lenient. She said one of the reasons why it takes NRMP three weeks after closing to give us the match result is that they actually go through their list to make sure that everyone who registered had a certified list. She told me that if they find someone who registered with them but didn't have a certified list after closing, they would actually call up the career counseling office of the student's med school to make sure that the student actually chose not to put in a list, rather then making some mistake during the process, or better yet, forgeting to certify the list. So, I guess for future generations, don't be overly obsessive about it. The NRMP knows that this is very important for everybody, and they want to make sure that no one gets screwed by some technical mistakes.


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            Jun 6, 2002
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              Originally posted by Chorusgirl
              Has anyone logged on to the NRMP website since the certify ROL deadline? Are we allowed to do so and what additional information is given after you log on at this point? Thanks for your help.

              It's the same website, same rank order list, etc. and it still reads "CERTIFIED ROL" in green.

              The only thing different is that the [move] and [delete] buttons are gone.
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