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Discussion in 'Financial Aid' started by medicmdstudent, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Hey everybody, I'm new to this site and I'm looking form some info about financial aid... I graduated with my pre-med in 2005, and I'm trying to attend medical school next year. I'm an international student dependent (F-2), does anyone here have experience with the process for financial aid? I'm looking for options what CAN be done, I know about what CANNOT be done or DOES NOT apply to my status. Thanks!
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    As an F2 you can't work or get any post-secondary education in the US let alone financial aid. You'd have to get a F1 Visa first. Where did you do your undergraduate study?

    Also, do you plan on staying here? I don't know much about Visas but an F2 is the dependent of an F1 (a student Visa) currently in the US, so what are your parents/those responsible for you planning to do in the future?

    I recommend you do some google searching and learning about your options. I do know that students with F1 visas are not eligible for federal or state aid. You might be able to get some institutional aid or alternative loans but it isn't very likely. You are required to show you can pay for school in order to attend.

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