Financial Aid for Waitlisteees?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm already in one school and they told me that I should apply ASAP to get the best financial aid packet as possible. Unfortunately, I'm waitlisted at my #1 choice and am wondering if this school, if eventually accepted, will offer me a poor package b/c of my delayed acceptance? They are both UC's if that makes a difference. Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2003
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another question along the same lines... how will accepting the financial offer at a school to which you are accepted (i.e. signed promissory note, applying for and accepting alternative loans designated for that school) affect financial aid at a school from which you might be accepted off the waitlist?

i guess my exact question is, if i do all this loan stuff now, i will be asking to borrow a lot more than what i will need at my first choice school if i were to be accepted off the waitlist... so, if i am accepted, can i just go to the lenders and say 'oh, i don't need these anymore, take them back?'.. also, how does it work with the MPN? would i just have to sign a new MPN for the other school? :confused: excuse my cluelessness... any help would be appreciated


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Mar 20, 2003
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schools usually have emergency funds, but I would apply for aid to be on the safe side.
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