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May 24, 2012
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Obviously, medical students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible, but I've also got to include my parents' returns with my financial aid application, which won't be ready until almost March. Is there a particular date that I ABSOLUTELY must file by? I've heard May 1st is an absolute deadline for some schools, but that April 1st is actually a better estimate since applications take time to process.


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Oct 30, 2006
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Yeah, the schedule for submitting finalized income from the previous year is seriously inconvenient.

Your school has the final say on what they require. You don't really have to worry about federal loans here. What you should worry about is scholarships and other free money, which your school might call "institutional aid". Check with your school and potentially use the info to nudge your parents to hurry things up.

Also keep in mind that financial aid (loans or free) may not be disbursed until after school starts. So you have to have $ to cover moving expenses, first/last rent and potentially textbooks etc.

Best of luck to you.