Jul 25, 2016
Dental Student
Hello everyone!!
I am currently doing my internship in India and will be graduating in 2 months. I am extremely keen to pursue a graduate study in the field of Prosthodontics in the US, regarding which I had a few doubts-
1) The daunting admission process - Could someone please break it down? I am sure it would be of immense help to all the aspirants as well.
2) Would doing some kind of a preceptorship in the US help me get an edge over the other applicants? And is getting accepted into a preceptorship program relatively easy? (Nothing seems to be a cakewalk though!)
3) Dentists from India who have made it abroad, could you please share your experiences?

I would be extremely grateful if someone could shed some light on these topics. Just a confused dentist helping another one. Hope we make it!!