First Semester = Disaster

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Jan 4, 2010
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Hello. I finally received my grades for the first semester of college, and they were horrible. I got a C- in Calculus, a C+ in Bio lab, a C in Bio, and an A and a B in two humanities courses. Overall, my GPA is about 2.8. Adjusting to college was hard for me, especially with the death of a grandparent two weeks before school started. I spent the majority of the semester wishing I could go home, and I couldn't really focus on schoolwork. After Thanksgiving, I realized that I needed to (and wanted to) do better and pulled the Bio grades up to C's from D minuses, but obviously that was too little, too late.

Have I ruined my chances at getting into med school? I'm looking at a similar schedule for next semester with the second parts of Calc and Bio and two humanities courses.

Also, this is a question about summer courses. Would it be a good idea to take Inorganic Chemistry over the summer? Can Stafford Loans be used to finance summer courses? If not, would it be feasible to take Chem and Intro to Physics during sophomore year (given that I have the proper amount of focus)? Thanks

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