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First-Year Extra Costs

Discussion in 'Pre-Podiatry Students' started by crhoody12, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. crhoody12

    crhoody12 5+ Year Member

    Jan 27, 2007
    I was just curious what were some of the added first year costs that students may run into other than the obvious. Stuff we may not know about until hit with the bill or told we need it for class the next day. I know theirs books, but any special books they recommend (ie a friend at med school was told to get two anatomy atlas books, one for home and one for anatomy lab that can get 'messy')? Tools for anatomy lab or models we may need? Lab coats/scrubs for anatomy? etc... I'm specifically interested in Temple, but maybe we could start something for each school so students are aware ahead of time.

    I tried to search but couldn't find anything so hope this isn't a double post...
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  3. Feli

    Feli ACFAS Member 5+ Year Member

    Feb 1, 2007
    Clarkston, MI
    This is what we did for both gross and LEA.

    Go in with everyon at your dissection lab table on an older used edition of Netter from should only be about $5 per person that way.
  4. bigdig712

    bigdig712 2+ Year Member

    Oct 1, 2006
    Hey, there were a couple things that I forgot to factor into my budget this past year as a 1st year student at Temple. Here are just a few off the top of my head:

    1. Eating out and Partying: Although I tried to factor these in and although this can be remedied by NOT going out, it's hard when they have class events, groups of friends want to go out to celebrate, etc. There are "restaurant weeks" where fancy "100 dollar a person restaurants" set out to feed you for ""$30". So ppl will want to go to that. Although it usually ends up costing $50 after tax, tip , and drinks. I say this is prob one of the best ways to spend money because building relationships is just as if not more important than getting good grades.

    2. Club Dues: you will want to get involved and these clubs have dues. They are never more than 20 dollars per club per year but still after 4 or 5 clubs that adds up.

    3. Transporation: if you use the bus, train, CAB. The costs can be more than you expect.

    4. Medically related things: I didn't factor in buying new contacts/eye exam or a dental exam in my budget.

    5. Gifts: you will want to buy your friends bday, wedding, new baby gifts throughout the year depending on who you're really good friends with.

    6. Fundraisers: There will be many fundraisers throughout the year although only a small portion of your budget (maybe 50 tops), it is still worth noting.

    7. Something new: You may find a new passion, be it dance classes, gym, hiking, running, whatever these new passions will lead you to spend money for memberships, gear, and other things. Always keep an extra 100-200 in "Whatever" cash. If you don't use it then, hooray you have more money for next month.

    Thats just some of the things I can think of. Although keeping to a budget is not extremely difficult, you can run into a bad month or two that sorta sets you back. You learn your lesson quickly though. Hope this helps!
  5. narkotiks

    narkotiks 2+ Year Member

    Apr 18, 2007
    here are a few of my thoughts about the first year experience:
    when selecting housing, find something very reasonable for your first year. cheap, close to school, and somewhat efficient with regards to energy. i know in cleveland, the heating bills can be high if you are not prudent with thermostatic control. (and likewise electricity in the summer). these monthly charges can be high. after spending a year, or even a semester at school, you will have had an opportunity to make friends/potential room mates, and get a better feel for the areas surrounding your school, and for you what is comfortable. cheap, close, and easy. even if $$ isn't an issue, you don't want to get stuck somewhere that turns out to be less-than-desirable.

    some insurance covers dental and contact, etc. i found my own independent of the school's program because it really isn't that good. at ocpm, the partnered with a broker and the plan is kind of expensive for what it offers. if for some reason you have unforeseen medical/auto expenses, you may be able to request extra loan/work study funds. check with your respective financial aid constituents. bottom line, you will likely not starve because you had to use food money to pay for a couple of fillings.

    As far as books/school supplies go, make sure and talk to upperclassmen before you go out and spend $1348, or what ever your book budget is on first year text books. i bought a netter's my first semester and EVERYTHING else was given us in class. keep in mind the library has the texts that are used in class, so show up and get the class notes and if you require further clarification, visit the library. also, older editions of the same text are usually sufficient. (we all probably know this by now, but etc... are great places to find older med texts dirt cheap. they work fine!)
    bottom line here: don't go and buy every book on that list b/c you don't need them day one. at least go to class, talk to your student mentor, and get a feel for what you might need before you support the bookstore racket.

    Gas is $4/gallon. carpooling is not a super bad idea.

    making a food/rec budget is not a bad idea. paying rent a month or two in advanced might be good, but make sure you write that on the check, and get a copy of that or a receipt!

    can't think of anything else right now...
  6. Dizarrell1

    Dizarrell1 TUSPM Class of 2010

    Nov 16, 2006
    basically you will be getting a packet in the mail soon. It will have literally everything extra you might want to get for school. As in scrubs (w/ the temple logo on it), survival cds, dissecting kits and other misc items. Just a reccomendation, you don't have to buy everything in the packet yet, but at some point you will most likely will. Also if you want to save yourself some money, do a little google searching, or go to jefferson when do get down. Also with the club dues and stuff, it should be in the packet too, ( i know, just got an email saying to turn a flyer for it). With the books, I only got 4 books my first yr... anatomy book, gross lab manual, atlas, and lower anatomy atlas. My advice, you might get lucky and ur big might give you one or more of them. Or say in your 4 person lab group for gross anatomy, split the cost of a manual. If you have a major issue with your atlas, buy another one, but personally I never saw the point, and I dont remember someone else in my class doing that either. All other classes, unless you feel your going to struggle in it, dont waste the money on the book. Every class gives you powerpoint print outs, handouts, and you have class capture, and I can't remember a class that tests you from the book either, its all from what was presented in class.
    Lastly about housing, if u live in the podiatry complex, u have one bill, and thats the 3 thousand something housing fee per semester... absolutely no other bills.

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