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Jul 9, 2005
There are a lot of fluoride varnish programs for children. Would such program be beneficial for underserved adults (e.g. homeless) as well?


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Nov 26, 2012
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Of course it would. The issue with private practice (and other methods of offices), is that insurance doesn't cover a majority of fl tx's after a certain age. If you are speaking of homeless, perhaps issuing care free of charge, yes, it would be beneficial, but let's not be missing the point-fluoride won't solve the issues of diet and homecare. That very well may not be effective if those habits cannot be changed. Someone who is homeless may not have much of a choice what kind of sugary beverage they are given as a handout, or may purchase soda and not understand the harmful effects. Adults also don't love the sticky varnish feeling and/or the yellow tinting, but again, consider your patient population. Aesthetics might not be the priority anyway. So, long story short, it might help, but not substantially.