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FM residency programs that teach abortion?

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Dec 4, 2002
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At the risk of starting a heated debate, I wanted to ask this question:

Aside from asking each program specifically, is there a way I can find out which programs teach residents how to perform medical and surgical abortions as part of their curriculum?

Which leads me to my second question: Are there FPs that perform surgical abortions?

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Try contacting Medical students for choice or going to their website
that's a great idea.. I should've thought of that. thanks.
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I don't know if UPenn actively teaches it, but I know they have FM docs who do it.
There's actually a brochure put out by Montefiore in the Bronx that lists some with "fully integrated abortion training." Definitely there are FM docs doing surgical abortions, often in an outpatient office. Not sure if all these do the surgical ones but I think so. Here's the list (only the ones who authorized use of their names as of 1/05):
Beth Israel - NYC
Boston U.
Brooklyn Hosp. Ctr FP Program
Jamaica Hospital - Jamaica, NY
Maine Dartmouth
Middlesex - Middletown, CT
Oregon Health and Science U.
Sutter Medical Ctr of Santa Rosa, CA
Sutter Health - Sacramento, CA
U of Mass Worcester
U of New Mexico
U Penn
U of Rochester

Here are some resources listed on the brochure:
Society of Teachers of FM - Group on Abortion Training and Access:
[email protected]

Rochester Reproductive Health Program - offers electives:

Ctr for Repro Health Ed in FM - based at Montefiore (they put out the brochure and can maybe? mail you one):
[email protected]

The Abortion Access Project:
[email protected], www.abortionaccess.org

[email protected], www.ms4c.org

Good luck!