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Apr 19, 2004
Sacramento, CA
My quote of the day for essay #1: "Politicians are like dirty diapers, and need to be changed for the same reasons." Haha I figured you guys needed a laugh after April MCAT.. =) I had the FM version and the Bio was a lot harder than I expected.. Probably because I'm a physio major and it was all immunity/genetics!! I probably had 4 Neuro/physio questions - my specialty!! But that's the way the cookie crumbles, eh??? As for physical, it wasn't too bad, although hardly any chemistry. Mainly physics stuff. What was up with an 11 question verbal passage? I think we had TWO of them?!?!! Can't remember... Anyhow, I feel pretty bad about the whole thing, hopefully the curve is low for the test. Check it out: I got mixed up on my stopwatch on PS and thought I had about 10 minutes left to start bubbling in my answers... The proctor calls out: 5 MINUTES REMAINING and I FREAKED out!!! I hadn't even started bubbling in the answers!!! I tell you, I was probably a blur for the next 4.70 minutes trying to get everything bubbled in. To make things worse, I skipped one and had to erase a bunch to make sure everything corresponded with my answers!! OMG, talk about a heart attack... My fight or flight response DEFINITELY kicked in. hahhaa... other FM'ers are you out there?!?!? APRIL 2004 FM version :cool:


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Sep 6, 2002
Yep, FM sucked pretty bad. I'm a biology major and I did really bad on the BS section (my answers were pretty much pure bs).

There was too much genetics! I really don't care about Drosophila and hairless rats of whatever they were. I definitely did bad in BS. The organic questions were a little wicked at times too.

PS was tough, but better than I'd expected. (1/d_o) + (1/d_i) = 1/f was my friend!!!!!

Verbal took the cake. Between the grilling on McDonald's, Buddhism and the mentally handicapped, I'd had enough way before 85 minutes were up.

Essays -- lol. My grader is going to bust a gut reading mine!



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May 11, 2004
I had FM too. Verbal was the killer for me! I hadn't finished about 12-15 questions when time was up. And there was Picasso again! I wish I had read Picasso's biography before coming for the test. Picasso shows up so often. And wats up with New Testament in Verbal Reasoning? I am an asian and have never cared about any religion in my life. I think it was a definite advantage to those who knew something about religions. Take a class in religious studies and art appreciation. It helps! Econ class might not be a bad idea either. It will atleast give a broad range of experience. I was just lost in sciences and research in my undergrad years.

I could finish the other two in time. My sciences background helped me out here!
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