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lady bug

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Jan 4, 2002
    O.k., I'm studying for the August 2002 MCAT, and I find that I need to focus on one subject area (lets say physics) before I move on to the next subject area. I've heard this is not good, and to spread out my studying to do a little bit of every area as I go along. Any thoughts? Are the rest of you studying like this?

    Mr. Z

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    Apr 20, 2002

      I'm also studying for the August MCAT. I've been reviewing one area at a time. I just finished my first pass through physics, now i'm moving on to chemistry, but I will continuously go back and keep hitting physics to keep it fresh, just not as intensely as the first pass.

      I'm using the first pass through a section mainly to get the major points, learn the important formulas etc... As I go back to the subject I will be concentrating on conceptual learning. I do this by reading up on any materials i can find concerning a certain principle. For example, with the Bernoulli equation, i just used an internet search on "Bernoulli" and got inundated with web site matches. Many of these sites provide great conceptual frameworks for understanding these principles. With the Bernoulli equation I was able to find discussions on the design of airplane wings, why the equation is conceptually wrong, lift, drag, Pitot tubes etc... There is literally tons of info out there for all the areas of the mcat (ok, maybe not orgo). For me, this is the best way to learn, it gives you the chance to understand the principles in an unfamiliar context, which is exactly how the mcat will test you on them.

      I'm actually going to start printing some of the better info out and keep some sort a file which i can refer back to.

      This mcat studying is a real b#tch

      I would like to see if i could find or set up some sort of chat room dedicated to discussing mcat review. Maybe do it at a set time every tues and thurs for an hour or so. It would be a place to ask/discuss topics you don't understand or want alternative perspectives on,or just review and answer questions that people pose to one anther. I think there was a group doing something like this a few months ago, not sure how successful it was or if there was good turn out. If anybody out there knows if something like this exists, or would like to help make it exist, let me know. I for one am very interested.


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      Jul 12, 2001
      VA area
        I have used the internet for studying in the past too. Here are a couple of web sites that I like:

        <a href="" target="_blank">Organic Chemistry Online Study Guide</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Biology pages</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">MIT Biology</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Genetics</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Chaos Theory (umm, not really premed related, but who cares!)</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Instant Anatomy</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Organic Chem Practice Tests</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Microbiology</a>

        <a href="" target="_blank">Physics Light and Matter</a>


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