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Sep 23, 2007
  1. Pre-Dental
For Sale:

1) Designs for Vision 2.5x, Sport frame Loupes, black.
-Perfect condition
-Adjustable side arms to get the best ergonomic angle while looking at your patients
-Working distance: 18in (most common)
-Includes neck strap and case
-Price: Taking reasonable offers
2) Perioptix Loupe Light, Solaris Model
-Extremely bright, mounts to any loupes
-Includes charger and 2 battery packs (each battery lasts around 5-8 hrs)
-Batteries can be replaces with common camcorder batteries
-Price: Taking reasonable offers
3) Dental Learning Centers, Canon G10 Camera bundle with Macro Lens
-Amazingly lightweight, one handed patient photos
-Includes case, 2x 2gb memory cards, 2 batteries, charger, camera, macro lens, card reader
-Price: Taking reasonable offers

Images of the items:,NB1Kx3c,rbyeUAO,lxeYGba,nRxUEqw#4

Please PM me if interested. I am willing to negotiate on the price. Thanks in advance!
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