For the OK State animal nutrition course ....

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Sep 23, 2007
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How did you register? Did you download the distance learning form and mail it in with a check? How did you come up with an exact total for the check? How long did you wait before you heard back from them?

Somehow I thought it would be easier, like an online form. I feel weird mailing in a form and just waiting.

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I just gave them a call. I had the course numbers available and a credit/debit card handy. The woman I spoke with was very nice and processed my registration very quickly and easily. I'm still in the course (animal science and animal nutrition) so if you have any questions, I can try to help.
Thanks!! I'll call on Monday.
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I've searched all of the OSKU Animal Science threads that I could find, but none of them mention what I'm curious about...

I'm going to take my first exam tomorrow. Are they hard like with really detail oriented questions? Are they completely multiple choice? Best way to study?

Help a sister out! I hope we don't have to memorize all of these diagrams and tables!
Haha I dunno but I'm right there with you!

I've had my first exams (Animal Science and Nutrition) sitting on my desk for the past week and I just haven't taken them cause I"m not sure what they will look like.

I'm also going to try to take them tomorrow though. So it looks like we are at the same point in the course.

I've just been looking over the course handbooks. For the Animal Nutrition course there are some figures he says to know in complete detail. I would guess for Animal Science if he wanted that he would say, so I'm just reviewing and going for it.

I'm guessing/hoping they won't be TOO difficult. :xf:
All questions are multiple choice. They are very wordy- read them carefully often times, one single word can be changed to change the entire meaning of a sentence. You have to study for this course, not b/c it's extremely difficult, but it's tricky with the exams and you need a darn good memory not to get caught up in them.
i wasn't expecting him to use so many numbers.. pretty much any time there's a percentage or number in the course guide, be familiar with it. things like, the reticulum capacity is __% of total stomach capacity. not that you need to memorize all charts, but sometimes details do show up. the level of detail you would need to study to get 100 is probably not worth it, but i've been getting in the mid-90s by re-reading my study questions, written assignment, course guide, and skimming the chapter. the first test was the easiest, but make sure you understand the analysis methods.