for those of you who submitted PCOM secondaries


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Jul 11, 2002
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Do you have to write your statement on "why you want to be an osteopath" on the back of the application? Or can you just attach a separate document. Also when it asks you to write all the healthcare experience that you have had do you just list them like on a resume. Or do they want an essay?

Also, for those of you who sent in secondaries and received interviews, what did your stats look like?

Thanks in advance for all your info.


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Mar 12, 2001
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when i submitted my secondary app, i simply printed out my essay/statement on the blank backside of the application. unless they've changed the application format since then ie) the back isn't blank any longer, i'd say do it that way. i don't think they hold it against you if you submit a separate sheet either. call if you want to be absolutely certain. good luck.

PCOM class of 2005
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jd star

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Apr 29, 2002
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i printed it on the back, but i was nervous about it so i practiced printing it like 2-3 times before i printed it on the actual application. and for the healthcare experience, i pretty much just listed it like a resume (with bullets and stuff).

i sent my secondary on august 31 and my interview letter was dated september 17. my overall GPA = 3.65 and my april mcat was a 23, but i retook them in august and i'm still waiting for those scores.

good luck!
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