For those who have ALREADY interviewed at Columbia, please read.......

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Aug 13, 2000
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I know how everyone says to write a thank you note to your interviewer and the admissions committee at Columbia but I have been wondering about something. I interviewed in late September and I sent a thank you note to them afterwards. Now, about two weeks or so after, I got a very short letter from the assistant adm director or something saying blah blah we appreciate your letter and your interviewer liked you and something about we're keeping you in our minds or something along those lines (I can't really remember because I seemed to have misplaced, read lost, the letter) Here is my question after all that rambling, is that what everyone who interviews at Columbia AND writes a thank you note or letter gets? Im sure it is but I was just hoping that it actually means something when it probably doesn't.


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Had my interview on October 2nd and have received diddly squat even though I sent in a thank-you card.
I sent a thank you note and got the same letter.
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I interviewed last year at Columbia, with Dr. Frantz, the assistant Dean of Admissions. Subsquently, I sent him a personalized thank you letter, but never got a response. Maybe what you received is something they're doing new this year. I would think what you received can't be bad, though.
I wouldn't take this too lightly, 867...I think it's a very good sign, ESPECIALLY if it's from Dr. Frantz. I've been told more than once that he basically makes the final decision.

I interviewed w/ him on Oct. 9th, and after I sent a thank you note I received a similar letter. He actually alluded to my chances in the body of the letter...I'm fighting very ardently not to read into this!
no way, everyone that addressed a letter to him specifically got that letter. it's the most generic thing ever. does your alluding letter say something to the extent of while it is still early on in the procees, we will definitely give your application serious consideration? or something like that?

-everyone got that letter.
NO choker, as a matter of fact, it does not. Please don't make assumptions and criticize me before talking with me first. I'm not stupid. I know a generic letter when I see one...especially when I feel honored to be interviewing anywhere at all, and am not presumptious enough to take any kind of communication as "a sign that they want me."

I've never been condescending toward anyone, please give me the same courtesy.
first off, okay congrats, didn't know the specifics. everyone i know though got the exact same letter from frantz.

-i wrote my letter while i was running out the door. didn't mean to sound so curt or to insult you but i have lost my tact and patience in the past few months.

second, for someone who lives in NYC, you are absolutely to MOST SENSITIVE person ever. i suggest you stop taking personal offense to every minor criticism or comment that isn't polite.
So MorningLight- i, for one, am dying to know what he said! I didn't write Dr. F a thank you note, just cos i figure he was inundated with them, but i may now (interviewed early oct.) --Trek
I interviewed with Dr. Lisio. I just sent him a thank you e-mail. I know, I know... it's not as formal as a real letter, but I think it's just the thought that counts. I'm sure it has little bearing on whether or not I get in.

Anyway, I didn't get any reply.
Dr. Lisio huh???

I heard he tested people talked about really random stuff...cuz he was a psychologist or something...did I meet you at another interview perhaps and you were telling a group of us about his interview....????
I didn't tell anybody else about Dr. Lisio other than my close friends. It must have been someone else. Anyway, yeah, he grilled me.
Hi guys. I'm a first-year at columbia, and perhaps I can answer a few of the questions in this thread.

the letter you received was indeed a form letter that frantz sends out to anyone who sends a thank-you note. a nice touch that makes you feel good, but columbia does a bang-up job of this, so don't read too much into it. i got the same letter last year and was initially waitlisted.

secondly, i also interviewed with dr. lisio and remember thinking the experience was a little weird -- it was just hard to get a read on what he was thinking, and i left NYC feeling a little strange about the interview. i didn't get grilled on anything, but the chit-chat felt a little off-rhythm. that's just his personality, and it doesn't mean he didn't like you; trust me on this.

that's all i have to say. i can tell you that i love this school and am SO happy to be here, and will answer questions when i have time; send me a private message or post on the board and i'll get to it eventually. good luck to everyone in this whole process! ;)
thank you clearing that up po'boy :) It was getting kind of tense up in here
Thanks, Po'Boy. I might have exagerated a little. I didn't necessarily get "grilled." The hard questions I got were because I set myself up for them. It was also my first interview, so I was a little nervous. Glad to hear you like the place so much, Po'Boy.