for those who have interviewed at case

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Oct 20, 2003
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what do you think of the school and city? how does it compare to other places you have visited?

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Case is a great school. I absolutely loved my interview experience. They really seem to cater to the students needs. When I was being led to the interview, the administrator person literally knew every single student by name as they walked by! The dean had his office moved to an area that students walk through so that he could interact with students more. bottom line they really care about the students.

The school is genuine pass fail. The school has NO RECORDS of your ranking your first two years, meaning all they know is if you passed or failed, and thats all they record, not some psuedo-pass fail where there is an internal ranking (i.e. mt sinai).

Cleveland itself leaves something to be desired. It is a lot like most post-industrialized cities in the midwest and east coast. It's infrastructure is pretty much crumbling, and the city is pretty gentrified. The upshot of this is that you'll get to meet the whole spectrum of patient populations during your rotations.

I loved the school, and would definitely say its one of my top two picks as of now.
Oh, I forgot, you can do your rotations at Cleveland Clinic, hands down one of the best hospitals in the US
i think exmike pretty much covered everything. i loved the school, but the city itself is kinda blah. for me, i think the pros of the school well outweigh the cons of the city, but of course that's a decision that everyone must make for themselves