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Nov 5, 2001
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I'm asking this q here b/c most of you have taken it already -

Compared to MCAT, how difficult was USMLE? In honesty, I thought MCAT was easy - I mean, none of the questions were conceptually or computationally very challenging, but rather if I was careful not to make a mistake, I'd be all right. There were about 2-3 challenging Qs in each section.. For preparation I only used Kaplan library, Flowers MCAT and AAMC practice exams (that's it).

Now, is USMLE totally different? Out of each section, how many would you say are easy/medium/hard? Is it like an experience of taking the hardest exam in your life and in half of the q's you are guessing, or if you put in serious time for prep, then it's something you can slam?


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Apr 29, 2002
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The USMLE took more preparation than the MCAT, in my opinion, but it's not an impossible exam by any stretch. If you prepare enough and you do well on standardized tests, you can walk out of it feeling confident. As for the breakdown, I have no idea - I didn't really pay attention.

Good luck with it.
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