Foreign Medical Graduate moving to Australia

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Apr 15, 2020
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I want to study Medicine abroad and move back to Australia.
How hard is it to get a position in Australia as a junior doctor? I have heard people say it has become "nearly impossible."

Based on this, is it risky to study medicine from China/Caribbean if I want to work as a doctor in Australia?

I'm also an Australian Citizen.


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Hi @tyrionX ,
I'm in a different situation (US citizen married to an Aussie) but I too would like to get a position in Australia once I am done with training. They don't make it easy, but moving at certain stages of your career look relatively harder than during others.
1) Get your medical degree in Australia if your plan is to practice there. I understand you may have reasons to train elsewhere, but just stating the obviously more straightforward path.
2) The part that seems "nearly impossible" is going straight after medical school to do what we would call intern year (first postgraduate year) here in the states in Australia. They are reserving these training positions for doctors who trained in Australia, and you can't get your foot in the door until you have completed 2 years of postgraduate training (PGY-1 and PGY-2) residency in another country.
3) Training positions once you have completed 2 years of residency in another country are only available in certain specialties/ locations. There's a list I can find (or you can look up) but understandably the pickings are slim if you want a surgical specialty or to be in a major city, but if you're flexible on location and/or specialty there's options.

After you're completely done with training abroad, you can still do additional training via option 3 above or:
1) Generalist pathway - you commit to going somewhere rural (or at least somewhat outside of major metropolitan areas) to help serve in areas of need
2) Specialist pathway - you get an offer somewhere (ideally an area of need not easily filled by an Australian-trained doc) and then you convince the board that your training was equivalent or partially equivalent (in which case you have a period of supervised practice before being fully certified and able to be paid for medicare patients).
3) Locums positions - I am pretty sure these are just temporary and I am guessing you have to figure out how to get your medical credentials recognized (but they are possibly more motivated to help?)

Anyone with more insight/ advice I would love to hear from.
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