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Forgot to add a class to PharmCAS but already accepted. What to do?

Discussion in 'Pre-Pharmacy' started by Peachyfz, Mar 12, 2018 at 8:59 PM.

  1. Peachyfz


    I'm asking for my sister who isn't familiar with SDN.

    She already applied and is currently accepted to pharmacy school, and was in the middle of enrolling when she realized that she forgot to add a class she took at a community college 10 years ago (she is an older student) to PharmCAS when the application was open. She realized her mistake and sent her transcript (with that one missing class) to her school directly when she found that she couldn't add updates to her PharmCAS because she is not currently in school (already graduated).

    Has anyone gone through this/have advice? She is trying to meet one of the admissions people at the school next week to discuss it. For more background, this one class was for a pre-req, but she also retook it later at her 4-year university. The missing class was also a higher grade than what she got at her university, so if anything, forgetting to add this class hurt her overall GPA.

    I believe that she should be fine if she's simply honest, especially because it's one class, it was a good grade (hence dispelling doubts about withholding it to inflate her GPA), it was 10 years ago, and she's already been accepted. She has been losing sleep about it though and I want to help give her peace of mind!

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. lalaland33


    Sep 20, 2017
    If your sister re-took the course, got a lower score, and still got accepted into a pharmacy school there is nothing to worry about.
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  4. AH.Rx


    Oct 22, 2017
    Nothing to worry about tbh. Pharmacy schools literally do not give a flying crap anymore lol
  5. Don't say anything unless they ask or say something about it first.

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