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Jun 10, 2002
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hey guys, damn i have such a bad headache from last night. anywho i was wondering what you guys put as answers to these questions.

I cant remember many but some of which stand out are:


one of the discrete towards the end was on ionization energy i think #141

i choose graph A

and that damn freakin passage on the bridge collapse.

One of the question asked about figure , where wind went around the ball, i cant recall what the question was exactly but i put down A as well, which was that the wind speed changed

Another discrete, i believe 139 or 140

I cant recall question but i put down C


that stupid nmr question, i didnt even study nmr one bit, came to bite me in the ass.

Question stated that peaks were between 11-12.

I put down peaks are from three OH groups. I have no clue if that was right, other choices were :

peaks from 3 methyl group
peaks from 3 COOH
i forget the 4 one

Those freakin passages on cAMP and the organic passage that followed it were just ****in beyond my scope, i had no clue wtf they were asking , i must have wasted good 20 on those 2.

Tell me what you guys think, i know i cant recall most of these question, hopefully some of my hints will ring a bell and we can discuss this.


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Aug 12, 2002
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I thought the bridge collapse passage was very tricky. Was

there rotational motion along with the vertical? The question

about the vortices was what caused them to break away from

the ball. Another one was the orbiting shuttle. Does it spiral into

outer space when it increases its tangential velocity? I was

surprised at the number of electron configuration and orbital

problems. Biochem and physiology definately helped on the Bio

section. On the NMR question, 10-12 represents COOH.
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