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Hey Everyone. Just read about this on the AAFP website. I've included the link to their site, but the text is here in the post. Any of you committed to FP should probably REALLY think about this. I'm not sure I can break away from residency waay out here in WA. But I'd do it in a HEARTBEAT if I was closer.

Wanted: Thousands of FPs for Historic Capitol Hill Rally

By News Staff

For the first time ever, the AAFP will hold a family physician rally on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to telegraph the urgent need for health system reform to the U.S. Congress, congressional candidates in the November election, CMS and the Bush administration. All AAFP members are urged to attend the Sept. 27 event, scheduled for 10 a.m. on the West Lawn of the Capitol.

Vote for America's Health: Capitol Hill Rally 9-27-06
The Vote for America's Health Capitol Hill Rally will be held in conjunction with the AAFP Scientific Assembly Sept. 27-Oct. 1 in Washington. AAFP leaders will speak during the rally. Congressional leaders will be invited to speak, as well.

"This chance will not come again," AAFP President Larry Fields, M.D., of Ashland, Ky., said of the rally's timing. "All of the factors will not coalesce like this again."

For one thing, it's an election year. And the AAFP has a clear message to convey, according to Fields. Reforming the system to provide affordable, accessible, high-quality health coverage for everyone -- a goal the AAFP champions -- will succeed only if "we have workforce reform to produce more primary care physicians, change the payment system to 'incentivize' students to go into family medicine, and reform the liability system to stop the loss of access the current system causes," said Fields.

"Family medicine's future depends on our ability to influence Congress and CMS," Fields added. "If you don't believe me, look at the approximately $30,000-a-year raise each family doctor will get" from the recommendations of the Relative Value Update Committee if CMS adopts them.

"Come for the rally, stay for the Scientific Assembly, and bring your family," he said. "If you can't stay for the whole deal, at least come for the rally." Members in nearby states should bring their staff members and encourage their patients to attend, he added.

Visit the Scientific Assembly Web site for more information or to register for the Vote for America's Health Capitol Hill Rally.

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Jan 21, 2006
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secretwave101 said:
I'm not sure I can break away from residency waay out here in WA. But I'd do it in a HEARTBEAT if I was closer.
The rally is being held right before the AAFP's annual Scientific Assembly, so most of the attendees will be in town for the meeting anyway. If you want to attend the Assembly, come a day early and attend the rally, too.

It only costs $50 to attend the conference as a resident.
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