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Dec 4, 2002
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In a few months I'll be applying to residency programs in the states of DC/MD/DE/eastern PA/northern VA, as location is a major factor in where I chose to do residency. (My fam is in Bmore)

Are there any current residents/recent grads who use this board that could offer some more insight to their program besides what is on their official program web page or on the limited postings on

Some questions I have are:
How many people are unhappy & considering quitting their program (you or someone you know)?
How many people absolutely love their program and couldn't see themselves anywhere else?
Is the training lacking (or superb) in certain areas?
How do they treat their FPs compared to other program residents in the same hospital?

I know that the upcoming convention will be an opportunity for me to find out more info, but I'm afraid the answers I get will not represent everyone's honest opinions.

These are the programs I am considering:
PA: York, Penn, Jefferson, Crozer-Chester
DE: St Francis, Christiana
MD: UofM, Franklin Sq
DC: Gtown, Howard
VA: UofV

THANK YOU for any input you can give. -chibi
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