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fred mohs jr


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Jun 29, 2004
  1. Attending Physician
    has anyone here ever met fred mohs' (inventor of mohs surgery) son? What a badass. The guy is richer than all the doctors net worth on SDN combined, times 10. He's always driving around in the phattest cars, has the most insane house in madison, wi, right by the capitol, every wall lined top to bottom with paintings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each. And his wife is a knockout, even though shes like 65.


      Since they're nearly all residents, the net worth of all the doctors on SDN is negative 1 million million dollars due to all their debt.

      However, I like that you mention phat cars and fine art. Who doesn't appreciate a Monet and a Maybach? This Mohs character sounds like a true hep cat. Is his wife Jane Fonda? I hope so...
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      Oct 26, 2008
      1. Medical Student
        Is a hep cat someone that is so promiscuous that they pass Hepatitis around like its candy on Halloween, or did you mean hip cat?..... Either way, sounds like something to aspire to for us all :laugh:

        this is freakin hilarious. I will be using this phrase as many times possible today. Today will be hep cat day. thanks for the laugh.:laugh:
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