From the AAMC: MCAT Registration Update

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Aug 9, 2002
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Our servers are being swamped, so people are getting timeouts.
It seems everyone wanted to get in EXACTLY at 9:00, so now, it's very, very slow. At 8:45, everything worked fine. There's a bottleneck somewhere in the system that shouldn't be there, and 5000 hits in a second is bogging it down. Our system guys are on the hunt, but in the meantime, going to get a cup of coffee and letting the load die down a bit could actually help solve the problem.

We're fully staffed this fine holiday, and working to get us all past this hump. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you,
Ellen Julian
Director of the MCAT
(yes, I'm outting myself)

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damn. so the bottom line is, if we want to retake, we can't until june. all the sites in my vicinity are filled.
Today is Valentine's day and Registration for June/July test dates was supposed to start at 9am. I have been trying for 4 hours and I still can't register! It isn't processing my payment and apparently there is a problem with the system when I called, what do I do? is anyone else having this problem? :confused:
I think MCAT for June 15 is already full...a few hours after registration opened. WTH happened? Will they open up more spaces? Thx
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I had that same problem when I tried to change my registration date and location. It would take the payment info and say wait 5 minutes then check back. When I checked back to the site, it would say the seat was on hold or that I wasn't registered for the MCAT or it showed that my location had not been changed. I tried for Frid, Sat, Sun, and then Mon morning I called AAMC and they told me that they had gotten a lot of calls for this reason and the only thing I could do was to keep trying to register and that my card wasn't being charged. I was so angry and frusterated but after my 1000th attempt on Mon, it finally accepted and processed my payment. Don't give up..eventaully it will let you. I was very disappointed with the support that I received from AAMC on this issue. I had to register a month prior that I had hoped but at least I am registered.
Something is wrong with the site. I even called Thomson Prometric and they said seats were available so apparently the aamc website isn't letting us sign up for them. I don't know why they aren't letting us register for particular testing sites, it's very frustrating. I eventually got a spot after 6 hours but its not in the time or location I want because it wasn't letting me sign up for the time/location I wanted when there ARE testing seats there when I called Thomson Prometric, but they said I can only register through aamc website.

I complained to AAMC, I don't know when they will reply, but this is absolutely ridiculous! they cannot be doing this to us when we are paying so much money! does anyone share my frustration??? :mad:
I thought I was the only one with this problem....this is absolutely ridiculous.

Every seat for April-July is taken in Alabama. I really hope it's technical glitch
I'm also in Alabama, and registered this morning at 7:59 without a hitch. I am however suprised that seats filled up that quickly. It really is ridiculous. I had that problem when I tried to register for April/May, whereas all of the seats were full. It really is bad enough already that we have to bankrupt ourselves just to take the exam, and already having the uncertainty of getting into a medical school, then on top of that having to worry about whether or not you will be able to just take the frikkin exam!
Anyone know if the April/May test slots are completely full, or if they'll open up new slots? Seems kind of ridiculous to have all the slots full with more than a month left to register...
I kinda posted about this in another post but... I came on when it opened to Canadian students in the first hour and it said all the sights were full I kept trying and eventually they all opened up for July... about an hour after registration opened and then it took 2 tries to accept my payment... So just keep with this terrible system and I'm sure you'll be alright.
Ok, the map feature is nice, but it has got to go. It slows everything down soooo much! I hate waiting for it to "check for seats", then when there are some it takes so long to load that the seat is taken right out from under you. It should just say "this many seats are available" so you dont waste your time checking for seats when they friggin know there are not any available.
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YAY!!! I finally signed on and I got the place I wanted at the time I wanted. I think you guys were right, it was saying that there were no seats when in fact there were some.
can anyone please guide me in finding out when i have to register for the july/august mcat?

since medical schools have different application deadlines. so i would like to know when i shud start registering for them and when i should start taking the kaplan courses before taking the mcat for this year. thank you! :)
Does anyone know exactly how many seats there are at each testing site? On the Kaplan website it says 16 spots, but I can't seem to find the info on the AAMC website...
is anyone attempting to register this morning? has it gone through? I'm trying to register in IL for August, mine is stuck on loading the map (and it has been for about 20 minutes).
No luck yet for the Canadian sites. Been on since 8:30. Sites appeared around 10 to 9:00 for me, and they were already all full! Supposedly all 3000 spots were gone in a heartbeat! :mad: :mad: :confused:
Darn, looks like I have to go to NY!
anyone know what the details are on the august canadian mcat registration?

registration started at 9am today and the site is still down !!

Still down this morning..
I don't think they filled up before the crash. Its amazing how a hundred thousand Yanks can use the system fine but a few Canadians brings their database to its knees. :confused:
This same thing happened the last time Canadian registration opened, and I think it was almost 2 days before it worked again.
right now it's saying

Registration for Canadian test centers for test dates in August and September, 2007 is temporarily closed. All other test centers are currently available for registration for all dates in 2007.

so this means there will be available seats for Aug/Sept when it starts back up? I sure hope so...
Oh boy! :confused: :mad:
Due to a technical problem with our scheduling software, registration is currently closed in Canada for August and September (in other words, registration is not closed because seats are full for August and September). We expect to open registration again Thursday, April 5, at 9 a.m. (Eastern Time); however, if the technical problem persists, we may have to delay this opening until a later date. We will update this message again Thursday at 9 a.m.