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Future for Caribbean is 3?

Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by oldpro, May 18, 2008.

  1. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    Will there be only 3 schools in the Caribbean in the future?

    No loans but these three and then this:

    Thats at least 800 New US seats.

    What do you think?
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  3. Top Gun

    Top Gun 7+ Year Member

    Feb 13, 2007
    I don't know if it will be limited to only 3, but I'm pretty sure the number of Caribbean med schools will be reduced. The most established schools, like SGU, Ross, and AUC, will most likely be around. Saba, MUA-Nevis, and St. Matthew's may stay around, but its iffy. I'm pretty sure schools like Spartan or IUHS will go out of business.
  4. EMTB2MD

    EMTB2MD New Member 10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 2006
    What kind of effect will the new schools have on applicants? With a greater supply and same amount of demand will it make it a little easier to get into med school? It has been getting increasingly harder every year to get in and I'm wondering if having new schools will help.

  5. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    SInce less then 40% in the USA get accepted now I doubt getting in will be any easier, even with 800 more seats thats what a 10 to 15% increase?
    So now 50 to 55% may get seats, but hey, less Caribbean schools = increased numbers still trying in the USA so this may make the numbers that get a seat back to 45%?

    I do not know? But it seems to be the truth, The Big three account for about 1200 to 1400 seats? with all the other school dwindling due to no loans then the Big three take on these applicants with the better applicants trying in the USA I see an increase in USA applicants.
  6. Instatewaiter

    Instatewaiter But... there's a troponin 10+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    The issue is going to be less about medical school acceptance and more about residency placement. With more graduating US seniors yet the same number of residency slots (pegged at the '97 levels) you are going to see more competition.
  7. RussianJoo

    RussianJoo Useless Member 10+ Year Member

    Jun 7, 2004
    Rock City
    yep not only that but also since the DO profession kind of started to merge with the MD profession, i.e. DO students getting ACGME accredited residencies. A lot of the allopathic program directors will favor DO students over IMGs because they know that the DO students got a US education. I would seriously consider applying to a DO school over a caribbean MD school if I were to apply to med school today.
  8. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    They have to increase the Resdidency spots soon or the Doc primary care shortage will continue to increase at a rate that more and more states will have to turn to PA's and NP's and give them more powers to just about physician level and this does not make care better and the AMA is right now working on this, to increase residency programs for Physicians.

    Trust me the AMA and the Physicians in the US do not want less power and less jobs...................
  9. Instatewaiter

    Instatewaiter But... there's a troponin 10+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Honestly I think many US medical students have crossed off primary care as one of their options just based on political trends related to midlevels, decreasing margins in primary care and the enormous debt many are coming out of school with.

    While it is true that the AMA and Physicians dont want to cede power to the midlevels they do not have the power to change the # of residency slots; congress has it. Until congress changes the funding to raise the number of positions there are very few ways to find the money to support a new position. Knowing congress this will probably happen around 10 years too late.

    I have heard that it costs around 100K to support a position.
  10. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    100k is 1/10th of a missile
    100k is a drop in the bucket given to tobacco

    No offense:
    I think you cannot speak for the USA students If I know 11 to 14 that are going
    primary care in US schools then there's way more.

    I think lowering the standard of Care in the USA is a major crime

    with the new administration watch out because universal Health care will be here soon.

    Congress will be forced to approve more Residency spots.
  11. Instatewaiter

    Instatewaiter But... there's a troponin 10+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    Considering I go to a US school perhaps I have my finger a bit closer to the pulse of US students. Just maybe...

    Lowering the standard is bad but when politicians are more worried about feeding the public what they want to hear than about keeping a standard of care... well your hands are tied.

    Whether universal heathcare worsens the current situation remains to be seen.
  12. dienekes88

    dienekes88 10+ Year Member

    Jan 21, 2008
    Well... since there were 42,315 applicants and 17,759 matriculants in 2007, those 800 seats are going to be snapped up pretty quickly with very little change in Caribbean school enrollment. We're talking about a matriculation rate of 43.86% (same number of applicants, 800 more matriculants) vs. 41.97% (2007 data).

    People want to be doctors. Demand is huge. The small increase in supply is not going to change the demand.
  13. McGillGrad

    McGillGrad Building Mind and Body 10+ Year Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    Nothing will change because the 800 people who take up the US spots would mostly populate the legit Carib schools and make their way to the same ACGME spots anyway.

    The only people that lose out are those that would probably not make it through step 1 anyway...(i.e. low stats etc)
  14. exPCM

    exPCM Banned Banned 2+ Year Member

    Apr 12, 2006
    This is the key issue. Resident spots are funded by Medicare and capped at the 1997 levels and WILL NOT BE increased. Medicare can not afford to increase the spots. Medicare is going broke and is already slated to cut physician fees by 10 percent on July 1.

    What will happen as US allopathic and osteopathic medical school enrollments increase with the number of residency slots being fixed is that more and more IMGs will be squeezed out and not be able to get into a residency.
  15. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    But with Universal Healthcare this will be a non issue

    Residency Spots will increase to meet the need.
  16. BrainBuff

    BrainBuff 10+ Year Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    LOL, dude. I am amazed how you just pull things out of a hat to defend whatever point you are trying to make. Universal Healthcare??!! What ??!!! Have YOU made that the reality that Congress and Presidents have been unable to make for years and years?

    This is an example why it is impossible to debate with you.
  17. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    It is you who think you know it all, I said it tongue in cheek but you want to feel superior all the time, stop being so arrogant

    Since you are so uninformed here are some articles to show that Universal Health care is on its way and becoming mainstream. I think you better forget Medicine if you think you will be the "Big Rich Doctor"

    This one just in 2007 AMA:

    here are 2008 articles:

    Uh and the latest by COngress:
    Titled: "Congressional Budget Office backs universal government-private healthcare plan",0,2416909.story

    I can go on and and on and on Brain Buff!

    You think you are so smug to post at times but many times I prove through facts that I can back up a post.

    Universal Health Care (IMHO) is coming no matter if you like it or not, in one form or another, Medicare and Medicaid are a broken mess and Universal Health care will revise it some.

    Brain Buff it is you who is hard to debate...........................
  18. BrainBuff

    BrainBuff 10+ Year Member

    Oct 1, 2007
    Dude, you are trying to support an argument with something that does not even exists. You never prove anything and the sad thing is that you just never get it. Insight dude, insight. I feel bad because most of the time you end up making a fool of yourself. Like now.

    And when we populate Mars, "Residency Spots will also increase to meet the need..."

    Look at this comment of yours
    Who do you think you are to say that?? Please....
  19. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    I'm making a fool of myself????

    You are the one who does not understand sarcasm, You are the one who looks for my posts in a troll like manner,

    You also deny something that I can prove and just say "It isn't so" without any supporting facts?

    I just posted more then a few stories and links about Unirversal Health care after you post its a non issue, even Congress is looking at this in 2008 despite your denial.

    It is you who look foolish when you deny the facts my friend.

    I guess I hit a nerve when I bring up that you may only be going to medical school for the money? I am not I want to practice in a Rural area, I want to be a town doc where I am greatly needed.

    Who am I? A Caribbean student who has also been in medicine for 20 years now, who are you to come on here and assume so much and to Post opinions as facts and to insult other Caribbean students all the time?
  20. Instatewaiter

    Instatewaiter But... there's a troponin 10+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2006
    With what money?

    You can go on and on with articles form the AMA, jama and the like but it still doent address the fact that the impetus to pass legislation to make the change is severely lacking.

    I seriously doubt that the gov't is just going to start forking over dough, especially now. They will wait until it is too late and then make the change. The effects will then be seen about a decade later- ie 2 decades late.

    pros are the opposite of cons: What is the opposite of Progress... of course Congress
  21. oldpro

    oldpro MS IV 5+ Year Member

    The best proposal would dump Medicare and Medicaid and would have a tier system of payments from 0 to ? to pay a premium based on employment or yearly income. For some this would be less then the insurance premiums now for others it would be more.

    I made the comment sarcastically though I guess everyone takes everything seriously here?
  22. McGillGrad

    McGillGrad Building Mind and Body 10+ Year Member

    Dec 21, 2002
    As the economy slows, people tend to go back to school. When people go back to school, more educated people enter the workforce and drive down salaries. That equals more prodctivity for less pay and the econmy grows again...which drives people out of school and into the workforce.

    Thus, in the short term, it is going to get more competitive 5-10 years, but in the long-term we will have more job security as physicians because the best of the best will rise to the top.

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