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    This is for all those people considering sending multiple letters of intent, and thinking it's no big deal.

    2001-2002 Medical School Admissions Requirements, pg 55, Point # 8

    "Subsequent to June 1, a school of medicine seeking to admit an applicant already known to be accepted by another school for that entering class should advise that school of its intent. Because of the administrative problems involved in filling a place vacated just prior to the commencement of the academic year, schools should communicate fully with each other with respect to anticipated late roster changes in order to keep misunderstandings at a minimum."

    Take it for what it's worth. If school A calls school B on June 2nd saying we see applicant XYZ has been accepted at your institution, we are also planning on offering him admission. School B says, "Wait, you mean, he didn't already withdraw from your school? That's odd, we have a letter of intent right here." Things could get messy.
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    Just want to say: Welcome back, Papa Smurf. Please stick with your name. I was getting dizzy keeping track of your name changes. :D

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