Gap Year Job??

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May 16, 2020
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I recently got accepted for a gap year position at a DPM Podiatry place as a front desk worker. After the interview though, I felt like I didn’t really vibe with the practice. The DPM is older and I didn’t really get the “all about patient care” vibe but more like “you will have a lot to do” type of vibe. They seemed a lot more like a sales place and they don’t have the best reviews (3.5 yelp Lol for being too sales like).

I had another interview at a surgeons private practice and it felt a lot like “its all about the patient!!” and I liked the surgeon a lot more than the other podiatry practice.

But now I am conflicted. Do I decline the DPM offer in hopes that the surgeon practice will offer a position OR I apply for a position as a scribe or something? OR do i take the position and hope I end up liking it cause at least it’s A job...?


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Jul 23, 2018
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I think you just have to step back and think about finances, - if you are at the point where you desperately need a job to survive, thats one thing. But if you have a financial opportunity to look for a different place that you like, - i'd wait. It sucks being stuck in the place that you dont like. On the other hand, there will be plenty of places where you have to adapt, and this might be a good learning lesson...
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