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Feb 28, 2006
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nice marketing! i gotta say that for them, but really c'mon guys why call od's out like that? i guess patient education is the key and most patients are well served by an od, so we just gotta work hard to educate them.

maybe the aoa can come up with a cool counter commercial, that shows happy patients saying things like..."my optometrist was the most pleasant person to ever check my eyes...i didn't feel like i was rushed through my eye exam...my mom has advanced glucoma and she sees an opthomalogist, the rest of the family is cared for by an optometrist...i couldn't believe how much personal attention my optometrist gave me...she gave me the best eye exam i have ever had..."

you get the idea:)

before the md's flame, i'm not saying the commercial is factualy wrong, but the spirit kinda sucks. and i'm not saying that all md's rush through or spend little time with their patients, but having worked for md's and od's, the od's i worked for spent waaaaaaaay more one on one time with their patients.


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Sep 11, 2005
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for a profession that is suppose to full of integrity, character, and knowledge, you would think they would make a more tasteful and visually pleasing commercial. i mean come on, that looks like a commercial that a commercial i slap together for my 10th grade spanish class using my mom's video camera and an old mac video editing software!

hire better the PR and commercial makers!

say what you want about lenscrafters or pearle vision, but at least thier commercials are well done and actually holds my attention for more then 10 seconds!


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Apr 30, 2000
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That is horrible. "Optometrist are not MDs." Duh! I like how they show the graphic with all the books for MDs and "12 yrs," but just show the graphic with "Not MDs" for the optometrists. Maybe it would be more accurate if it said "8-9 yrs."

And what is up with the part that talks about the ophthalmologist fitting CL and glasses? I'm not saying they can't do it, they just don't. I know of some who do, but 95% of the MDs I know want nothing to do CL and refractions. I just don't understand the commercial. If all the patients started seeing the MDs for the primary eyecare, the MDs would be pissed that they are wasting their time doing a $100 eye exam and not popping out at cataract for a couple grand!

Overall, the MDs and ODs I have worked with get along fine. We all do our part and respect each other. It is organized ophthalmology and optometry that don't get along.